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Definiately a recipe for real garlic lovers, which fortunately we are, as this a recipe small on quantity of end result but BIG on packing in a LOT of flavour into a very small amount. I had one major problem: the paste that I forced though the sieve didn't want to mix much with the olive oil... I tried with a fork, a spoon and a stick blender and it still didn't want to mix. I would therefore call this more of an oil than a spread. Hubby requested pasta for dinner so I decided against having this with bread and mixed a good tablespoon of the garlic puree and another tablespoon of the oil into a large bowl of spagetti... Hubby said it was nice but didn't give any further views and *didn't* say he didn't like it.... since he rates pasta and all dressings/sauces and oils on it rather severely I would say that yes, I would definiately make this again... but that it hasn't quite made the monthly favourite list and I think that every few months this would make a welcome appearance in a pasta dish. If you are a garlic lover, the house smelled devine when making this.. my neighbour stood our front door at the other end of the house and commented on the lovely smell wafting though the hall. Please see my rating system: a great recipes for now and again, expecially when we really fancy a garlic fix. Thanks!

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kiwidutch January 25, 2007
Roasted-Garlic Herb Spread