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This was my first savory jelly =) and a good one at that. It was very easy to make! I roast garlic often at home and prefer to roast it in a foil lined small loaf pan, I throw a splash or two of water in before I seal it up with a piece of foil on top. I roast it for about an hour. It takes a while but makes for nice, soft, evenly cooked garlic. I added and extra head of garlic since mine weren't very big. I also added a bit of freshly ground pepper and a pinch of truffle salt. I ended up with exactly 4 half pints of jelly and processed it ten minutes. Can't wait to try it on some grilled chicken!

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shelteredcreature August 10, 2012

Really good and I doubled the recipe. I used two boxes of the low-sugar pectin and it came out great! The white wine is my own wine! Thank you for a superb recipe!
Jelly :)

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HotPepperRosemaryJelly September 15, 2010

Okay, so I have a full opened bottle of White Wine(I don't drink it)what to do?<br/>I google this site - and here are my additions to what made a terrific "hostess choice" gift to other foodies.<br/>Reduced the bottle to 2 cups.<br/>Added 2tbs of red wine( colour)<br/>Added 1 cinnamon stick to the wine boil ( removed it before canning)<br/>To the minced roasted garlic I added 1/4 tsp of powdered ginger and pumpkin spice .<br/><br/>The out come was wonderful- the color was more appealing against chicken, pork or cheese with the red wine addition, and the spices gave it a mulled harvest flavour . <br/>Just my 2 cents added to an already great recipe! <br/>Cheers <br/>Queeny

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Queenycolleeny August 24, 2013

This is very good. I've only used it on pork chops so far, but let me just say... yummy yum yum. I'm thinking grilled chicken or lamb next time. This was very easy to make, the house smelled GREAT, and this recipe has the added bonus of not using a whole bottle of wine, so that left some for me!! I'll be using this again for gifts & will be including the recipe with each jar given. Thanks for sharing!!

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tzisa August 01, 2008
Roasted Garlic and White Wine Jelly