Total Time
Prep 4 mins
Cook 45 mins

These are addictive little snacks. Crunchy and flavorful BUT actually good for you too! The spicier you get these the better imho! Plus, spicy foods are supposed to increase your metabolism! A reviewer said these made their mouth dry- Guess they might also increase my water intake! :) Make sure to get them good and dry before baking and they will cook more quickly.

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  1. Drain garbanzo's in a strainer and rinse well with cool water. Shake to help remove water. Let sit to drain while proceeding.
  2. Cover a rimmed cookie sheet or shallow casserole dish with cooking spray. Pour garbanzos on the foil and spread them into a single layer. Take a few sheets of paper towel and gently press over the top of the beans just to remove any extra liquid- speeds cooking time too.
  3. Spray top of beans with cooking spray and sprinkle seasonings over the beans. Shake pan to help distribute the seasoning and make sure the beans are all in a single layer.
  4. Place pan in an oven and set to 350 F- no need to preheat. Use lowest rack on oven and return every 15-20 minutes or so to shake the pan so nothing burns. Be gentle or they may spill over the sides. Cook until beans are browned and crispy. About 45 minutes.
  5. Remove from oven and pour into a plastic bowl with tight fitting lid to cool. Careful they are HOT to the touch!
  6. Snack away! Keep these stored in the bowl for best freshness or in a ziploc bag.


Most Helpful

YUM! These are good and addictive, as other reviews already state! I dry roasted these at 300 degrees for about an hour, giving the pan a good shake every 10-15 minutes. I then sprinkled with a little EVOO, gave the pan a shake. Sprinkled fairly liberally with salt and curry powder, gave the pan a shake. Put in at 350 for just about 10 or so minutes. VOILA! I'm excited to try different seasonings. Also, next time I'll either use very minimal oil, or I may even try sticking with nonstick spray - seems you just need enough moisture to prevent burning and get the seasoning to stick. Will be great on a salad as well... MMM! THANKS!

somebodys_sweet_pea March 01, 2010

WOW! GREAT idea!! I've had 2 cans of chick peas in my pantry for months now... I had NO idea what to do with them. ZLike JenzyGirl's husband, I'm not too fond of chick peas, but these were magnificent! I actually just went with garlic salt and cracked black pepper. I actually prepped them while making breakfast the other day. They dried in the strainer for about 30 minutes and then on the towels for another 30 minutes. When the biscuits came out of the oven, the garbanzos went in... I shook them about every 10 minutes or so. PERFECT snack... I actually added chick peas to my next shopping list!

Patrick Blair January 06, 2009

Wow, sooooooo soooooo good! I really enjoyed this unusual twist on using chickpeas! The recipe worked out fantastically and the spice mix was so tasty! I would have never thought that the chickpeas would get as crunchy as they got and that Id like this as much as I did. Mmmm, I cant wait to make another batch! :) I used dried chickpeas, which I had soaked and cooked beforehand and instead of cooking spray used a little oil. Perfect! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this fantastic recipe with us, Hope!

Lalaloula May 19, 2010

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