Roasted Eggplant for Pasta and Recipes

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 30 mins

This is an easy and yummy way to roast eggplant. Sitting in salt then roasting for this amount of time gets rid of the bitterness. You can add the eggplant to pastas, soups, or just eat them right out of the oven!! You can also add a little plain yogurt to them, it's good!!!!

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  1. Place eggplant cubes on a plate and sprinkle with salt then let them sit for 30 minutes to remove bitterness. Rinse off the cubes in a collander then pat them dry with a paper towel.
  2. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.
  3. Place eggplant cubes onto a nonstick baking sheet and drizzle the oil over them.
  4. Grind the fresh pepper over the eggplant to give them all a light dusting.
  5. Sprinkle the just under 1 tsp salt over the cubes.
  6. Sprinkle the garlic powder over the cubes.
  7. Bake for 30 minutes, give it a stir midway thru.


Most Helpful

Loved this. Saw a reviewers comment that they had subbed the regular eggplant in a recipe with this one. I tried it and it was great. I skipped the salting step because I

MargoMart July 15, 2010

This came out SO wonderful. I used about half the oil in mine and it still was terrific. I added a ton of pepper because I love it. This is a great way to make a pasta dish healthier-- add tons of eggplant in place of some of the pasta. It was the best part of the dish. I, uh... well, I ate a whole eggplant by myself. And they're not small vegetables! Great recipe, easy, will do often!

Karenlyn2 October 16, 2009

These we're the best roasted eggeplant I've ever put in my mouth! Thank you so much for posting this recipe! There was none left by the time our meal was over with. My hubby and I ate it all!!!!!

Momma Vickie May 23, 2009

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