Roasted Eggplant and Lentils

Total Time
1hr 5mins
5 mins
1 hr

This is one of my favorite lentil dishes. It is hearty and flavorful and makes an excellent vegetarian main dish. You could make it a vegan dish by using soy cheese instead of mozzarella. If you're using fresh herbs instead of dried, use half as much.

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  1. On an oiled cookie sheet, roast the eggplant, onion, and bell pepper at 425 for about 30 minutes (turning at least once).
  2. Meanwhile, bring the vegetable broth (or water) to a boil. Add the seasonings, rice and lentils. Cover and simmer for about 30 minutes, until tender. It should still be a little soupy.
  3. Stir vegetables, rice and lentils, and olive oil together with 1 cup of mozzarella.
  4. Spread into 9x13 pan and top with remaining cheese.
  5. Bake at 425 for 30 minutes.
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Yum! The only thing I did differently was substitute basil for the mint (because I didn't have it on hand). This was delicious. I was worried it was too wet when I put it in the oven, but during baking, the extra moisture absorbed into the rice. Delicious and I will definitely be making it again. Thanks!