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These are the best quesadillas that I have had in some time, and I didn't even have the Hatch chiles. I used roasted red chile, sauteed my mushrooms with sliced onions, and added grilled chicken to my hubby's quesadilla. I had multi-grain flour tortillas on hand and really liked the crunch of the seeds and nuts in the crispy tortilla. Our cheese was a cheddar and monterey jack blend, and we really only used less than a cup for both quesadillas. The veggie fillings were flavorful enough that lots of cheese wasn't necessary at all. Nat's Guacamole was a great complement to these, and I highly recommend both recipes to anyone.

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Ms B. March 24, 2008

This is a wonderful recipe. I used frozen Bueno chiles from NM and a combination of cheddar and jack cheese. The mushrooms were a wonderful addition. When I was making the recipe, it looked like it was going to really be tasty, so I made several and we ate them for supper. They really didn't need anything else, but I heated some salsa and served on the side. I love chiles, and this recipe is a great way to use them. Thanks, riff for posting this wonderful

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Miss Annie March 02, 2005

Really great appy recipe here. I made as directed, but also added some chopped garlic, and some chopped onion to the mushrooms when I sauted them. The flavors mixed really well. Served with homemade salsa and some sour cream and we were both very pleased. A keeper for sure.

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bratty September 20, 2004
Roasted Chili and Portabello Quesadillas