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Thank you for introducing me to this Kat. I've never cooked with chesnuts before, well at least not with the real thing, and look what I've been missing out on! They do involve a bit of time especially for scoring & peeling, but not difficult and worth the effort. I don't know if you can find jarred/tinned chestnuts, but you really couldn't sub the asian water chestnuts here (in case anyone is thinking that....). I bought a 500g bag and used about 1/2 for this recipe. I also found this clip to be helpful http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vm6_P4_KJT4, because I wasn't entirely sure how to score them. This has great flavour, it seemed like quite a bit of allspice and nutmeg, but when it all comes together it really works. If you're not a fan of ACV, you could probably take the down by 1/2. The only thing I changed was to add some parsley because it was very "brown", and added in a little extra water & oo in processing, I probably had slightly more than 1 cup of chestnuts. I think this will be devoured with some crackers on Cmas. Thanks again!

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magpie diner December 22, 2010
Roasted Chestnut Pate