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I really like the combination of winter squash and potatoes and this recipe uses both well. Simple to pull together, this was a solid side that we enjoyed. Since sodium is a consideration here, I used a mix of garlic salt and garlic powder. Next time I would consider adding simple herbs perhaps thyme or basil (but not both). My biggest challenge with this dish was the cooking temperature. My casserole was prepared at 355 degrees (the equivalent of 180c) and at 45 minutes my 1 inch cubes were still quite hard. At 55 minutes the squash was cooked and golden but the potatoes were just barely firm and without color. After an hour, I served the casserole but the state of the potatoes certainly diminished our enjoyment of the dish. I think a higher temperature would have worked better. Noticed (after the fact) the previous reviewer cooked at 450 which my guess would do well. Thanks.

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justcallmetoni April 10, 2007

This was my first Butternut Squash recipe so I was nervous, but it turned out fabulous! I omitted the garlic salt completely, but think I will add a clove of fresh garlic the next time. Also, for everyone like me who is Celsius illiterate, I baked this dish at 450F. Thanks Madeleine! Healthy and delicious!

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ShelNNate January 26, 2006
Roasted Butternut Casserole