Roasted Broccoli Drizzled With Lemony-Garlic Butter

Total Time
Prep 3 mins
Cook 9 mins

This is a wonderful side dish! This is also really good with asparagus instead of broccoli! Enjoy!

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  1. On a foil-lined cookie sheet, mix the broccoli with oil, salt and pepper.
  2. Roast at 475 degrees for 6-9 minutes, turning once.
  3. In the meantime, add garlic and lemon juice to melted butter.
  4. Pour mixture over broccoli.
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Okie dokie, only thing that can be said about this broccoli recipe is: FAN-FREAKIN'-TAB-U-LOUS! Enough said .....

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This recipe has been included in book#246531. This has to be one of the best broccoli recipes I've ever tried. Roasting the broccoli quickly made it tender-crisp, not soggy as it can sometimes get when boiling. And I liked putting the sauce on at the end, since garlic burns so easily, but it came out perfectly when cooked in the sauce. It's a wonderful dish and we all loved it!!

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Nice dish. We are lemon lovers, so it wasn't too lemony for us. I roasted the garlic with the broccoli, using just a drizzle of olive oil (and skipped the butter). I would make this again!