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Very good though I had to change it up a touch.I had four beets that I chopped into 1'in bites and I roasted them straight on the cookie sheet with olive oil and salt.Four was all I had.I also increased the temp to 425 as its that intense heat that roasts them.I kept all the sauce amounts the same but added a TBSP minced fresh ginger-I read this off of another recipe.I simmered that sauce as directed but per another reviewers note I poured it over the beets and roasted for another 10 min.OMG!!these were amazing!I cant wait to try this same idea with a winter squash.

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ChefWantABe January 11, 2011

When I made these tonight I realized I have never rated this recipe! I made it several times last fall with fresh beets from the farmers market. Tonight I made the sauce and threw in a can of sliced beets, simmered for about 5 minutes and they were a quick and easy side dish. I usually cut the butter in half. Will make these both ways often - this is a delicious way to eat beets! Thanks for posting.

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Kalija June 05, 2010

I used three golden beets & one carrot. I sliced them and roasted them in the oven. at 450. I added the glaze at the very end and put them back in the oven for 5 more minutes (20 minutes total.) The glaze is so good and mellows out the earthly beet taste. Tender, but crunchy.

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quartzmoon February 21, 2010

Wow!!! These were so good. I truly feel that beets are one of the most under utilized and appreciated vegetables out there. This is such an easy and tasty way to serve them. However, I did cut the cooking time way down by peeling and cutting beets into half moon slices and roasted them like this. Much quicker cook time. The glaze is SOOOO yummy. Thanks for sharing.

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Vega Girl April 22, 2012

For this recipe I used a variety of root vegetables: heirloom red beets, golden beets, a parsnip, two purple potatoes, couple of carrots. The oven temperature was increased to 400ยบ and the beets since they were small were left unpeeled. Roasted veggies served over braised greens: mustard, chard, etc. This was a great accompaniment to Grilled Greek Pork Chops and steamed orange cauliflower. The sauce-Mmmm!! Reviewed for Veg Tag January.

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COOKGIRl January 18, 2011

Amazing!!! I peeled 1/2 the beets before roasting and 1/2 after and I definitely prefer peeling before. Peeling after was difficult right out of the oven and the previously peeled were just as juicy. I added peeled carrots and a couple sliced cloves garlic. i used an olive oil spray bottle and coated generously (probably about 1 tbl). I likely will alwys do beets this way. Thanks!!!!

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loriannryland October 24, 2009

Love these beets! I made a ton of them and shared with everyone. They are fabulous...

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CIndytc September 14, 2012

Best beets ever!!!

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Marianne Cote June 12, 2012

I like this recipe and am likely to make it again. It was my first time making beets of any kind and I roasted them in the oven for an hour. You can peel the skin after they cool by hand, but if you don't have the time or patience you can use a peeler. Your hands will get pink but luckily I didn't get anything on my clothing and the color washes out pretty easily. If you look at Joy of Cooking, the length of cooking time depends on the age of the beets, with older ones taking up to two hours. I only needed an hour to get the desired results, despite it being about a month since I bought them (organic) {they had been in the crisper which is near freezing in temperature}. I used a lemon flavored raw honey and a butter substitute (from canola oil) and I didn't have a clotting problem. The glaze tempers the potency of the beets, producing a milder and less tart taste. I definitely would recommend giving this recipe a try! I sprinkled some dry parsley flakes on top for presentation.

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Mrs. Atkins December 14, 2011

I had never tried beets, but had been wanting to try them for quite some time after seeing so many appetizing-looking recipes on food.com. This was the one I chose to start with, and it was a very good start! I scaled the recipe back to 1 serving as well as I could since DH expressed a distaste for trying them. I was surprised at how messy they were -- after peeling the beets, my whole kitchen was splattered magenta! But the flavor of this dish was worth the mess. There did seem to be an awful lot of glaze left on the plate, so I think next time I will cut back on the butter a little bit to avoid wasting the yumminess. This is definitely a keeper! Thanks for sharing, Elmotoo!

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Spice Princess November 17, 2011
Roasted Beets With Honey Balsamic Glaze