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This is an update to my April review which follows. I had frozen about a pound of the raw pasta dough to use later. I defrosted it and made it into noodles today. It was much better, and so I am changing my rating from 4 to 5 stars. I think what I did wrong the first time was to roll the dough too thin, and cook it too long. This time I rolled it to the setting of 4 on my pasta machine, which goes from 0 to 7. I also was more careful of the cooking time. As a result, the pasta is very nice, and the color even stayed brighter. I did have to add extra flour to the dough, which had gotten pretty sticky in the freezer. Thank you for this interesting recipe. April 23, 2012 Well, this was a lot of fun, actually. I scaled the recipe for one fairly large beet, but found that I needed to add quite a lot of extra flour in order to get a dough that could be rolled out. I did use my pasta machine, rolling the dough to a thickness of 5 out of 7. Quite a lot of the color was lost in the cooking, rather to my surprise, but still, I got pretty pink noodles. I felt the noodles were a bit lacking in tensile strength, which may have been caused by the larger amount of flour. I still have quite a lot of dough in the freezer, and am thinking of adding another egg to the mixture. I might try adding a little oil, also. I am looking forward to trying this dough to make a filled pasta, such as ravioli. BTW, the beet flavor was very very faint, which was fine with me. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us.

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mianbao October 04, 2012
Roasted Beet Pasta