Roasted Asparagus

Total Time
20 mins
15 mins

This was my second attempt to cook asparagus in oven (I usually steam them) ButI came to like this better. Hope you like it this way as well.

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  1. Cook asparagus for approx 4 minutes ib salted boiling water.
  2. Drain and cool.
  3. Preheat oven 400°F.
  4. Butter shallow baking dish (long enough to hold asparagus).
  5. Toss asparagus with olive oil seasoned with salt/pepper.
  6. divide asparagus into 4 packets (bundles).
  7. Arrange 2 slices of thinly sliced strips of ham on work area, so they are overlapping each other.
  8. Place each packet (bundle) on top and carefully roll up in the ham.
  9. Place in baking dish, and then sprinkle with seasoned bread brumbs.
  10. (I like to use Panko Bread crums) but use your own preference.
  11. Roast in oven until heated through and crisp. Serve hot.