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This is the way my family has always done it! Stuffing inside of the bird for wonderful, old-fashioned (mouth watering)flavor!! With proper precautions, it is perfectly safe !!

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Hedy November 15, 2002

I made my first Thanksgiving turkey this year following this recipe, and it was a complete success! Everyone raved about the turkey, and the stuffing was delicious as well. I plan to save this recipe and use it every year.

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Elvis Cooks December 01, 2002

Sahara, you have a winning recipe here. I made two loaves of bread for cubes just as you said. Our guests couldn't get over the difference. I stuffed the turkey and then put the rest in a casserole and baked; then grilled it. Excellent! I'll never use store-bought bread again. The turkey was "killer" too. Thanx!

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Babyoil November 29, 2002

This is not a rating for the turkey but for the stuffing. (I followed another recipe for cooking a turkey in a roaster oven). Per the suggestion of making your own bread for the stuffing, I can't agree more. I made two kinds of dressing as I do every year--corn bread and regular bread dressing(usually a couple boxes of Kraft). The cornbread dressing is usually the star dressing, but this year everyone raved about the bread dressing. I made one loaf of bread in my bread machine, cooled and cubed it and spread it out on two cookie sheets and let it dry out for 3 days. When time to make, the only thing I did differently was to leave out the mushrooms and add a chopped apple. I will be making this again next year. Thanks for the recipe!

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shortcakes December 07, 2009

This is an almost exact duplicate of our old family recipe, sans mushrooms. Since the late 1940s, my Dad cooked using this approach and it is hands-down the best and easiest method to turkey cooking ever. A few notes: The bird must be thoroughly thawed. And don't substitute any commercial bread crumbs or croutons. It must be bread you've allowed to dry at home. I do toss in a few slices of rye and wheat (but not too much as it will overpower the dressing). For you first timers, the biggest secret of all is to let the bird rest under a gentle tent of foil for a solid half hour prior to cutting! Do not even think of touching the bird until then. The juices must rest...and will seep back into the meat, making for the juiciest bird ever. People will think you're a genius!!!

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Chef Jimmer November 11, 2009

I have used this recipe for years, as well! I usually make 2 batches of stuffing, though. One with the boiled, cut up giblets, and a small potato (boiled and mashed up), added to the recipe you have listed, and then, the regular. Also, after stuffing both ends of my turkey, if I have left over stuffing, I start it cooking as a cover for my turkey breast. I shape it like meat loaf, across the top from the drum sticks, over. Then, I make it wider over the top of the breast. I add a little extra butter to seep through as a baster. Just before you cut the legs loose so that the thighs will cook evenly, I remove the stuffing, and place it in a covered casserole dish. The breast and whole turkey is juicy and moist with all the basted flavors from the fantastic stuffing! My family and friends always hope it is me cooking the Thanksgiving bird.

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Suz11 November 05, 2008

A great recipe, very similar to what my dad has made for years! You can't go wrong with this one.

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Delicious as it Looks November 29, 2014

THIS IS IT! I had Thanksgiving at my house this year, and had both sides of the family over. I had never made a turkey before, and I was really nervous. When this came out, it was so moist, the meat fell off of the bone. The flavor was amazing. Thank You.

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Alex Chapman November 25, 2013

I had moved halfway across the country in my early 20s and did not know how to make a turkey until I found this recipe and it saved our holiday! My family LOVES it! Super tasty and very easy. I make it every holiday. I use a turkey roaster instead of the oven so the cooking time is different. I don't leave it breast down for any longer than 25 minutes in the roaster and then flip it. Also, my hubby hates vegetables and onions so after sauteeing them, I put them through the blender before adding them to the bread. Other than that, I don't change a thing!!! Thanks for posting!

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ang_flynn October 06, 2012

Turkey turned out so moist. I will be preparing turkey this way from now on!

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Teriffic January 16, 2010
Roast Turkey with Old Fashioned Bread Stuffing