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Russell reckons this is one of the best duck dishes he's ever eaten-high praise indeed as we eat quite a lot of duck. I looked at the recipe and decided I couldn't add olive oil to a creature which gives off so much fat during the cooking of it. My Dijohn has been a particularly spicy one, so I cut that back to 3 tablespoons. Both those alterations worked just fine and the left over baste was a really delicous sauce and didn't need the cornflour. It was a test of strength to smell this cooking on a cold wet afternoon but well worth the test!

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JustJanS August 21, 2009

This is a 10-star recipe! I haven't made duck for ages because I am often disappointed with the result, but this recipe is a true winner. I agree with Jan -- there is no need to add oil to the basting sauce, or cornflour later. Thank you so very much for posting.

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Leggy Peggy April 22, 2011

Amazing! Only change I made was using half the quantity of olive oil. It was a rich and delicious sauce that was great soaked up along with some roast potatoes I cooked along with the duck. It's the first time I've slow cooked a duck at the start and it gave the perfect combination of moistness with a nice and crisp but not burnt skin.

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Peter J October 11, 2010
Roast Duck With a Honey Soy Basting Sauce