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I knew this would be good, and I wasn't disappointed! It was easy and the smell as it cooked was mouth watering. The only change made was to use fresh ginger as I always think dried ginger is for baking and fresh (if you have it on hand) for savoury.

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JustJanS April 07, 2002

This is one of the best Roast Ducks my family has had! I had company last night and everyone could not stop saying how good it was! I will use this one over and over!

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shannon carlesimo August 12, 2002

DH recently bought me a 'Duck and Turkey' cookbook, but all of the 'duck' recipes called for parts...we wanted to try a whole roast duck. If we liked it, DH promised me that we would order some ducks to raise this spring, so I had more than usual riding on the results of this recipe. Well, we weren't disappointed. I was amazed at how easy it really was. Initially, I thought maybe I should put a little water in the bottom of my roaster, but decided the recipe didn't mention it and others had had success with the recipe as is, so it must not need it and didn't. Good decision! It created plenty of juices as well as rendered duck fat (can't wait to try that) without the addition of any water. Thanks for sharing a wonderful recipe Tonkcats...and yippeee...I'm getting ducks this spring!!!

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Cindy Lynn February 28, 2003

This was really very good, but given that duck skin is so greasy, most of the flavor went into the skin and therefore we didn't taste it much because we don't eat the skin. My suggestion would be to put the marinade in a baster and inject it under the skin to flavor the meat more. Great recipe! Thanks for posting!

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Axe November 29, 2008

I made this duck recipe for our Christmas Eve dinner. It sounded good, was well-reviewed & I thot deserved a pic after so many fine reviews. It was great, but now I know why there is no pic because I did not get 1 either. DH & my MIL were so impatient to eat that a pic was just not gonna happen. I did have my anxious moments as it got darker & DH almost scowled as it was put on the table, but the next words he spoke were THIS IS EXCELLENT! I did not marinate the duck, but basted it well w/the marinade at the start & twice more while cooking. The skin was crisp & the duck was well-flavored & not at all dry. This darn duck had no giblets & I had used all my canned broth in the dressing ... so I used the last of the marinade, deglazed the pan, strained the yield, added chicken bouillon + milk & made a lovely gravy. Great recipe! We loved it & will revisit it ea Christmas Eve. Thx for sharing it w/us.

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twissis December 24, 2006

This tastes real good. The only reason I dinged it a star is because the skin wasn't as crisp as I would like it to be. I cut the backbone off the duck (real easy to do with good shears). That made it easy as pie to get the marinade all over and eliminates the need to flip the duck while roasting (that's my prefered way to roast any bird, eliminating the cavity and roasting the bird flat is beneficial). I made it according to the recipe except that I didn't have any ginger so I used Chinese Five Spice (it has ginger in it). The marinade smelled great, and the duck tasted great. I would make this again. In fact, I can see using this marinade on chicken and pork.

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Riverside Len January 05, 2015

I'm not going to rate this recipe, even though I wonder what happened to Tonkcats ...? This recipe has 29 5-star reviews (one 4-star, I think) and I've just had to do some crisis management over this sauce: the ginger was burning my mouth, and totally overpowering in the sauce! I am not aware that there are "hot" powdered ginger and "mild" powdered ginger. I believed the recipe and remarks, and used the full tablespoon. Yikes. Called husband, who tasted, made a face, and asked me not to put the sauce over the duck. Now the problem is: is it my ginger?? If anyone else secretly thinks the ginger is too much, I suggest, do NOT leave it out as it's an interesting flavour here -- but rather use 2 or 3 teaspoons finely chopped fresh ginger. That should be much better.

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Zurie January 01, 2010

Great recipe! VERY easy to make. This recipe is a real winner "as is", and it's simple enough that you can add your own touch to it. I made a double batch of ingredients (extra garlic), and liberally coated the duck. I then marinated it all night in a plastic bag. I turned the duck once in the roasting rack, but did not baste. Resulted in nice crispy skin. I made a sauce out of the giblets. Browned them in olive oil, added the garlic and then the rest of the ingredients in the recipe. Also added about half a bottle of the wine I planned to serve with the duck. Reduced to about half. It was great.

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Theraphosa December 21, 2006

I made this for Mother's Day and it was just delicious! The duck was so tender and juicy and not at all dry. I was very pleased with how the duck looked and tasted. I didn't even marinate it, just spread the marinade on top, put a quartered apple in the cavity and popped it in the oven. Wonderful! Will definitely use the recipe again next time I want to have duck!

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Royce Bauerlein May 13, 2005

The flavor combinations of the marinade was fantastic! I did get a little worried about this because it got very dark, almost black, while it roasted. I thought that I had ruined the duck that my husband had been looking forward to all day long. I was so wrong! The meat was very moist and the skin perfectly crispy and very delicious.

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Earlie862 April 18, 2003
Roast Duck