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I will start off by saying that I had to make a few changes (veggie subs, less garlic, no rosemary), but I followed the methods given, and the results were fantastic. I used a 5 lb chicken because leftover cooked chicken is so versatile. I used the full amount of garlic stated for the seasoning rub and cavity (12 cloves total), but ultimately only used about 1 head more for the rest of the recipe -- 3 heads of garlic would've been too much for us. I omitted the rosemary because I just don't like it, but subbed in some freshly dried (not jarred) parsley for the herby element. For the veggies, I didn't have any winter squash, cippolini onions, or fennel bulbs. Instead, I used parsnips, carrots, tricolor mixed baby potatoes, leeks, red onion and celery hearts. I also didn't have any Fresno peppers on hand, but I did have some nice Italian roasting peppers that the landlord dropped off, so into the mix they went. I had to roast my chicken longer because it was bigger, but I didn't actually pay attention to how much longer it took, because I was mostly going by my in-oven meat thermometer instead. Everything came out so beautifully roasty, but sadly, I didn't remember that I wanted a photo until after the chicken was irretrievably torn apart. Since I wasn't actually making this to serve as a proper sit-down meal (I just wanted the chicken and veggies to have on hand for munching and recipes), I didn't bother to make the sauce. I will say that I was very impressed with the chicken in particular; liking the roasted veggies was a given for me, but I was surprised at just how much the flavor from the seasoning penetrated the chicken. Oftentimes, the seasoning on roasted chickens remains on the skin, leaving the meat inside bland, but not this chicken! Very pleased with this overall, thanks for posting! Made for PAC Fall '12

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Muffin Goddess October 31, 2012
Roast Chicken With Root Vegetables, Rosemary, and Garlic