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Let me say, I gave this 5 stars! The Beau, aka The Picky Eater, liked it but wasn't as 'effusive' as I was, lol. He thought the pasta was a little too lemony, I disagree and thought it was just right, but next time I make this I'll modify just for his tastes a tad. I had tiny lemons, so I used 2 and a half, so I could have just done one and a half, but that's ok. ;) After I juiced the lemons, I stuffed the 'spent' lemons in the chicken cavity, the rest of the recipe I followed exactly! I might like a little more ginger myself next time, but The Beau isn't as fond of ginger as I am, so I'll try to balance it out. I used some large roma tomatoes and it seemed that they probably had less juice, etc. When I carmelized the tomatoes, I actually let them be in the pan, without stirring much so they could get good and carmelized. They seemed to keep their shape too and were very flavourful! Can't wait until I have my garden tomatoes to choose from this summer! I used an organic free-range bird and it was very juicy with the basting and lemon and wine. Mine took a bit longer than the prescribed time to finish cooking but it was worth the wait. Thanks Chef Kate!

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bikerchick February 06, 2008

I thought I'd try this using 2 sauteed chicken breasts and otherwise following the recipe. Many times you can tweek a recipe to suit your needs. This isn't one of those times. The flavor just wasn't developed the way I assume it should have been. Roast the whole chicken.

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sugarpea October 03, 2005

whoo-hoo this was great

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KmartKlutz September 11, 2005

Brilliant! I cannot not say enough good things about this recipe! The macaroni was divine (and I am not a macaroni fan!) The chicken was tender and juicy. We turned the chicken every fifteen minutes and basted as directed. I used fresh ginger but did not really taste it....next time i may put some on the outside of the chicken. This was fabulous! What a wonderful French recipe! Thank you Chef Kate for an excellent dinner!

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NcMysteryShopper September 01, 2005

ABSOLUTLU KILLER. i will agree with queen dragon it's not a easy recipe but worth every second .next time when I make this i will use my rotisserie.

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grovinchicken August 31, 2005

This is just wonderful. It is not a simple recipe, but worth every minute of time. We will prepare this one when we have someone to dinner who needs to be VERY impressed! Thanks, Kate!

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Queen Dragon Mom August 31, 2005
Roast Chicken With Ginger, Macaroni and Caramelized Tomatoes