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This is exactly what I was looking for...a healthy, low fat, high nutrition dish that didn't have some sort of sauce or cheese involved. I followed your instructions but added to the ingredients....lots more veggies! (orange cauliflower, eggplant, white potato, purple carrots, extra garlic amongst the veggies,) Next time, I'll use a bigger roaster and add even more veggies...maybe put a layer of kale/spinach under the chicken and add mushrooms, bell peppers, beets, or squash. This dish is so versatile that you can throw in pretty much what you have lying around in the veggie bin & it will come out delicious! Great recipe, I"mPat!.

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Patti C September 29, 2014

Very good but think it should cook a bit longer, however I may have been off on the conversion to F - I used 420 degrees F for the oven temp but kept everything else the same (using only one sweet potato).Easy and good!

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ellie_ December 02, 2012

Love this easy-to-make chicken dish! I knew this healthy one-dish meal would be good and it did not disappoint - it's fantastic! I used 2 leg-and-thigh pieces instead of 4 drumsticks. I had some baby carrots to use so I just added them whole (instead of cutting up a carrot) and that worked out perfectly. 420F for the given cooking time gave us moist and tender chicken, and the dash of red wine vinegar and lemon juice at the end was a perfect touch. Thanks for sharing a keeper!

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loof May 25, 2012

This was so easy and delicious - even better than I thought it'd be. Usually we make very saucy chicken recipes but this was a really nice change of pace.The vegetables were perfect (used potatoes instead of sweet potatoes) and it just came together really well. Absolutely loved the roasted garlic! Thank you!

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yamakarasu March 15, 2012

This is comfort food at it's best Pat. I added in some pumpkin that needed using and used a maryland each rather than drumsticks. I cooked that and the veg for an initial hour, then added the tomatoes and the capsicum (didn't want it overcooked). Tiny fault-what was I supposed to do with the garlic I wrapped in foil? We squeezed it over our meals at the table. I also used a bit of salt. Loved the squooshy tomatoes and red wine vinegar/lemon flavours at the end.

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JustJanS September 12, 2011

Wonderful one dish meal! I did add a bit of salt, but otherwise followed the recipe. Very economical to make, and very filling! The only thing I might add is to throw in some green beans for a different color.....everything else is red or orange. I especially loved the garlic, onions, and red peppers! Delish.

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breezermom August 04, 2011

I love when I get to be the first to review a very tasty recipe! Pat, this is a WONDERFUL dish...simple to prepare, nutritious, and not hard on the pocketbook (it should get 5 stars just for that factor alone). I did make a substitution at the last minute. I thought I still had some sweet potatoes in the pantry, but was mistaken, so I opted to use some mixed fingerling potatoes (red, white, & blue potatoes). I also added a handful of mixed bush beans- blue lake, royal burgundy, and dragons tongue as they were the first harvest from our garden. I will definitely add this recipe to my keeper file, but will wait until fall to make it again as it really heated up my already hot kitchen. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Made and reviewed for the August 2011 AUS/NZ Recipe Swap.

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Chef Buggsy Mate August 03, 2011
Roast Chicken Drumsticks and Vegetables