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Wow, these are better than any restaurant nachos! I'm not sure if the recipe author really intended to list 2 CUPS of chopped chipotles, but I just used 2 chipotle peppers and it was plenty spicy. I added a little extra water and an extra splash of white wine, and used two shredded chicken breasts. Worked out great; not too dry but not too soupy either, and the chips stayed crisp. I made homemade chips by cutting white corn tortillas into wedges and frying in about 1/4 inch of hot oil. They cook up fast and taste so much fresher than bagged chips.

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Crunchy Numbers December 30, 2011

Yum, we loved this! The sauce for the chicken was fantastic - flavorful and spicy, while the avocado crema added a nice cool twist. I had tortilla chip strips instead of triangles on hand, so I piled it on as a bed of nachos as opposed to build them individually. It was filling enough that we ate it as a meal. It was great. Thanks for sharing! PARTY '11.

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Starrynews December 18, 2011
Roast Chicken-Chipotle Nachos With Cilantro-Avocado Crema