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Great Idea but I took a different route and added 2 tbs of olive oil, pan fried both sides until my rub was carmelized then put the chicken breast in the oven for 20 minutes. My rub consisted of granulated garlic, lawry's seasoned salt, pepper, onion powder, and italian herb seasoning. It was moist and delicious and cooked pretty quickly. Thanks for the idea of using cooking first on a pan.

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westhechef April 26, 2011

Never have been a fan of white meat, I have always preferred legs/thighs. I guess I have just never had the white meat cooked properly, and boy does this recipe cook it PROPERLY!!!!! Best best best chicken I have ever had. Even left over, it was delicious, maybe even BETTER! Cannot wait to make it again.

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LoriExpo February 12, 2014

I made this tonight and it was moist and wonderful. I use salt, pepper and basil. I recommend waiting the 10 minutes after taking out of the oven for robustness. Served it with roasted carrots.

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zinger1123 March 01, 2014

This was outstanding and EASY! I followed the recipe to the "t" and ended up with the juiciest chicken dinner. I added some fresh rosemary and chive from my garden to the butter mixture and was out of fresh ground pepper so all that I used for the rub was thyme and sea salt. I removed the chicken from the oven at exactly 15 minutes and let it sit for about 7-10 minutes before serving. I think the suggestion to let it sit for 5-10 minutes is key for getting a moist and juicy chicken breast. I served this with roasted rosemary potatoes and fresh raw red bell pepper. YUM! Thanks for a wonderful dinner.

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Anne K. October 08, 2013

Chicken turned out flavorful and seasoned perfectly. Apparently I had larger chicken breasts than the recipe called for (though there isn't a specific oz listed) because I had mine in the oven for 22 min and still had to 'nuke' them to get rid of the final bit of pink juices. Other than that, very good, would make again. Quick and easy!

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dixie67stang September 07, 2013

I made recipe exactly including wine sauce - amazing! Chicken was $3 for two breast so my hubby and I are stuffed! Next time I will cut breast in half before serving since it was so difficult to stop eating food being so good! Thank you for the recipe!

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Chef White Lilac June 29, 2016

I'm not really sure what went wrong but this recipe did not work for me. I did follow the directions, and the breasts I was cooking were huge. I had to cook them for 45 minutes to get acceptable internal temps. The meat came out tough, and the fat was not really rendered from the skin which surprised me given the really hot oven (I used an oven thermometer because my oven dial isn't reliable, so I'm sure about the cooking temp).

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Heidi B. November 18, 2015

Ok, I must admit, I didn't follow instructions as far as how to prepare the chicken because I had already been marinating mine for over 2 hours when a dust storm arrived bearing so much wind, it was impossible to grill out! I searched for a basic oven recipe for bone-in chicken for the oven temp and amount of time. So, I marinated mine in a concoction of what I had milling around, leftover homemade salsa, olive oil, red wine vinegar, a little orange juice, 2 clove garlic chopped finely, some cilantro and parsley. It didn't smell appealing, so I added some smokey chipotle chile powder and it smelled better. I did fry in a dry pan on top of stove and transferred to a baking sheet in a 450 degree oven. I had to roast it for 30 minutes?not 15 as I like to have the internal temp at least 170. It was moist and juicy with crispy skin?thanks to your method and very tasty?thanks to my marinade! I'll definitely try your version, though, as I never know what I might throw into a marinade, so this would be difficult to duplicate!

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Pam W. September 04, 2015

I prepared this exactly as directed. I thought it was amazing. Probably, the best chicken breast I have ever served. Very easy and my family loved it. Thanks

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mferris50 August 16, 2015

Excellent recipe! I never knew cooking a chicken breast with the bone in could be so fast! I used two breasts that were quite big, so I ended up adding about 5 minutes to the baking time. I also brined it for about three hours beforehand, in water, brown sugar, kosher salt, fresh rosemary, thyme, salt & pepper, and lemon zest & juice. Breast was juicy and cooked through all the way and the skin was crispy and delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

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lbhuusko June 29, 2015
Roast Chicken Breast (Bone In, Skin On)