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Easy, fast, and everyone loved it! A friend brought us this dish as a frozen casserole which we thawed and baked before serving. My kids loved it so much I had to find the recipe! We call it queso spaghetti. With regular Rotel it was great. I'd suggest using mild Rotel if making for people who prefer a milder flavor. Used the mushroom variety of Cream Soup Substitutes and it worked great. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Update: I have made this several times. If I'm cooking chicken breasts for this recipe, I boil the spaghetti in the hot broth after removing the chicken. Adds a lot of flavor.

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LonghornMama November 07, 2010

I changed this around a bit -- it's a great way to get rid of leftover pasta. I used shredded mozzarella instead of Velveeta, and plain old diced tomatoes instead of Ro-tel. Going for the pseudo-Italian, and it worked great! Goes in the file for "what to do with the leftovers."

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elgoose March 26, 2003

I used 2 large cans of white chicken and a 12 oz. bag of shredded cheddar cheese instead of the chicken breasts and Velveeta. Very tasty and easy. We really enjoyed. 8-)

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Sunshynetoo January 24, 2003

A marvelous dish for a crowd. The flavors were wonderful together, complimenting each other and giving the dish a decidedly homestyle dish. I used ready-cut spaghetti which worked out well. It was easy to prepare, and was a memorable dish on our table. I will be using this dish again. Thanks for sharing, Anita.

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Miss Annie February 15, 2003

My husband turned up his nose when I told him what we were having for dinner. After he tasted it, he said I could definately make it again. He instructed me to give it 5 stars!

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Jazz Lover May 07, 2012

I would definitely suggest not using a pound of velveeta. Not only is it super unhealthy, it's just way to much for taste.

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tiarra w. April 20, 2015

In response to a previous reviewer, here are the proportions I used. One 10 3/4 oz, can Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup, one 10 oz. can of Rotel, 16 oz. chicken broth, and one pound of cooked chicken breast cut into bite-size pieces. Yesterday was a typical summer day in Huntsville, Texas and I didn't want to turn the oven on. I cooked the pasta in a six quart pan, drained it and added all of the other ingredients and put it on the stove top and cooked on low until everything was hot, bubbly and melted. It was rather "soupy", but I think it will thicken upon setting from the starch in the pasta. If you want your version drier, use less broth. I think a typical can of broth is about 14 1/2 ounces. I purchase the 32 oz. cartons of broth. I was extremely happy with the result!!! This will probably be my usual method of assembling this unless I take it to a function. One pan to wash made my day! Miss Anita, thank you for your excellent recipe! PS - By the time we got around to eating dinner, all of the extra liquid had been soaked up. It was creamy and delicious!

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Rose is Rose July 30, 2013

I give this recipe 5 stars for taste, but the recipe itself has issues. It needs to be better written.<br/><br/>Mainly it just needs measurements. 1 can of something is not a measurement. Is it a 10 ounce can or a 14 ounce can?<br/><br/>There needs to be a poundage listed for the chicken. How about 1 and 1/2 pounds instead of 4-6 breasts. I only had tenderloins on me at the time and I just estimated the number needed. If there was a poundage listed I would have no doubts how to make it.

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tudaan May 21, 2013

This was actually rather good. I did make a few changes, first, I subbed whole wheat spaghetti, and rather than layer each ingredient in the pan, I just mixed everything up in a bowl first and then dumped it in the baking pan. I noticed the spaghetti on top started to burn, while baking, so I would recommend covering the pan with foil while baking and remove for the last 5 minutes. Thanks for a yummy recipe. It made a lot, so we will have leftovers for lunch!

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ChaseNNJ October 29, 2011

This was a huge hit with the family! I tweaked the recipe a little by adding can of mushrooms, minced garlic, dried minced onions and breadcrumbs. The two that turned their noses up when I told them what we were having had 2 helpings! I'm going to make this a regular dish!

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kokelley October 03, 2010
Ro-tel Chicken Spaghetti