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Very aromatic and flavorful! Based on previous reviews, we reduced the rice to one cup uncooked (yielding 3 cups cooked) and used 3 cups beef broth. This amount easily made 6 servings for us. We cooked the rice separately from the meat/spice mixture and combined them at the end. This reduced the cooking time and helped us make sure that we had enough water for the rice without sacrificing the flavor of the dish. Thanks for posting!

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noway June 27, 2010

I am not going to give a rating because as good as this recipe was I had some problems with it. First of all the spices and flavors came together wonderfully and the taste was out of this world! Even the ingredients that I was iffy on, the raisins and cloves, blended with all the other ingredients perfectly. I had a problem as did a previous reviewer with the amount of water added to the rice. I ended up adding close to six cups of water( total, with the required three). I was on the lookout for a possible problem with the amount of water because of the previous reviews, so I was able to salvage the meal, and add water before it ruined the rice. Next time I will add way more water, double the tomato paste and maybe sub some chicken broth for the water. This is a five star recipe,the flavors are wonderful! I can't wait to try it again. The meat came out fork tender, the house smells amazing,and the nuts on top really finished off the flavor. Thanks!

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Retro Kali June 18, 2010

Really good, thanks!

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umisa June 09, 2009

My rice was not cooking as 30 minutes on low heat. I waited and waited but they were still uncooked. I had to add 3 cups of water just to get the rice cooked. I really messed up on that one.

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Manzana May 13, 2008

We both really liked this. As it was cooking we both thought it smelled like tea. I was on the phone and cooking (not something I can do) and put the water into the pot before I added the spices but it didn't seem to affect the dish too much. I also used ghee in place of butter, omitted the raisins as we are not fans and used more garlic and onion than the dish called for. I omited the salt and reduced the amount of rice to 2 cups instead of three and it was still done cooking in about 15 minutes using all the same other measurements. This was a very good dish that I will most definitely make again. Thanks for posting!

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cyaos March 30, 2008

We had this for dinner tonight & enjoyed it. Everything came together fairly easily, although the butter required for frying was missing from the ingredient list. I left out the raisins (personal taste). Thanks Um Safia for sharing this recipe. Made for Aus/NZ Recipe Swap #14

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Heydarl March 21, 2008
Riyadh Rice - Middle Eastern Favourite!