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This is the best thing I have ever cooked. Seriously. Next time (and a million times after that) I will probably change the order to see if I can make it any faster. I will try 1) get broth simmering 2)saute onions 3) saute rice 4) start adding broth to rice 5) carmelize onions. The rest is the same. I'll write another review when I have done it. I used meat from leftover chicken legs and it was good, although I didn't get the meat off properly because I kept finding cartalidge in my food :( I would also use more like 10 cups broth because the rice was still crunchy after all the broth was absorbed. I don't like leeks so I just used onions. Fabulous. Thanks for the detailed instructions so I can cook like an expert chef even though I'm a novice. Such good food.

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rainbow.rubatino July 12, 2010

This is so good! I cut the recipe in half, skipped the salt, and topped it with a little parmesan cheese. Delicious. Risotto is a little work, but it is so worth it. I did use a portion of a rotisserie chicken and I also used the microwave for heating the chicken broth, and it worked fine.

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Recipe Reader February 19, 2007

I LOVE risotto! This is the best I've ever made. The carmelized onions are the key addition. I used Poached Chicken Breast for the chicken and arborio rice, and the result is creamy and delicious. Made for Alphabet Soup Game. Thanks for posting.

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ElaineAnn January 17, 2007

This was easy, tasty and used the last of my Thanksgiving turkey instead of chopped cooked chicken. I don't follow directions too well, so I put the turkey into the onions, wine and stock reduction instead of into the rice, and it didn't matter a bit. I also steamed left-over rice from a previous meal, so I used stock for the reheating liquid. It probably would have been even better if I'd followed the directions for the rice, but absolutely nobody complained!

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kcsandy January 09, 2007
Risotto With Chicken and Caramelized Onions