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Cook's Illustrated also says a pressure cooker is worth the money, just for the risotto alone! I use mine a couple of times daily. I couldn't survive without it! I've made this risotto several times and it works out perfectly. Any kind of rice turns out incredibly moist in the p. cooker and this is no exception. I vary the type of cheese. I've used Parmesan and Mozzarella with sundried tomatoes. This dish reheats nicely, too (still moist). Lorna Sass is a top-notch author; so is Pat Dailey, author of "The New Pressure Cooker Cookbook." I use it mostly for reference, since I can adapt any recipe to the cooker. Thanks for posting. Roxygirl in Colo.

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Roxygirl in Colorado May 18, 2005

Excellent recipe. Although I realize this is changing the recipe a bit, I did add garlic, red bell pepper and 1/2 lb chopped chicken tenders. Absolutely perfect recipe. Thank you.

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rcpmfan60103 February 02, 2014

Amazing! Very easy and delicious. At first I was worried because there's no wine and there's so much cheese in this recipe. However, I followed those directions (except I added some spinach and mushrooms) and it turned out amazing! It was so flavorful and not too cheesy at all.
I only had salted butter on hand (Irish butter) and it worked well. I can't believe there are no photos. I will definitely be making this again so I will try to take photos next time.

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colachef September 20, 2011

I have made this twice and it is so easy and so good, even my picky kids like it!

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Marianneee March 05, 2011

This recipe is just terrific. I had not had risotto before (at least, I had not had good risotto before), and got a pressure cooker for Christmas. Wow! (I have to admit, I even forgot the gruyere cheese, using only the parmesan, and it was wonderful. I had about a cup of baby portabella mushrooms left over and on their last day, so I chopped them up and tossed them in before cooking. Can't say enough about this very flavorful recipe.

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KnoxFam January 25, 2010

We thought this was fantastic. I have always made risotto using the traditional method and this was easily as good! I didn't know what sweet butter was (probably known as something else in the UK) and, not having the gruyere, used only parmesan. It was great. Have made also throwing in some diced chicken and substituting a half cup of the stock for dry white wine - not for children obviously. Thanks x

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scimietta99 January 19, 2008

I first tried this recipe in my new pressure cooker using Ms. Sass's cookbook from our local library. Of course I had to buy the book later. She is definitely the queen of pressure cooking. All her recipes are "real." DH and I fell in love with this risotto, and have tried the ones mentioned by Roxygirl too. One of my daughters actually did buy a pressure cooker just to cook risotto. This recipe is truly top notch. We live in the mountains at 5,520 feet. Ms. Sass has instructions for cooking at altitude, and I've not had a problem.

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Tisherself February 14, 2006

Perfect! I played with this recipe to serve 2 and also to lower the fat. I sauteed the onion in 1 TBS. of olive oil, used 3/4 c. of arborio rice, and 1 14 oz. can of fat-free chicken stock. I stayed with the steps in the instructions. I used the 6 minute timing on my pressure cooker and then added a sprinkling of shaved romano cheese (omitting the gruyere altogether). This came out delicious, creamy, and with the rice still having full texture. Thanks for a fantastic and FAST risotto.

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CobraLimes May 18, 2005
Risotto in a Pressure Cooker