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Made this recipe to a tee (then tweaked it accordingly) and it turned out splendid - delicious :) Two things I would like to mention. First - the batter according to the recipe is much too THICK for the thin crepe required for the rissole. I added about 1/3 cup of water to thin it out. Second - the filling was much to gloopy even with the tablespoon of dissolved flour stirred in. I would go for less water than a cup next time. Having said that the Rissoles were sooo delicous and don't worry about the scant flavouring (just a bullion cube) - it turned out great! The scallion made it taste especially authentic. Thank you so much for sharing !

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missdizzy April 21, 2014

A definite 5 stars. These were always a must at family parties when I was a child. Terima kasih IndoFoody!

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Sri S. August 15, 2010

DELISH!!! I don't know why I've been holding off from making these, maybe it was because I asked my mom on how to make it and she would say how difficult it was to make the wrapper. So one day, I decided to make this. I cooked 3 chicken breast in boiling water for 20-30 mins, remove, let cool and shred the chicken. I failed at making the wrapper, so instead I used a regular egg roll skin that you would find at an asian market. And just out of curiosity, I made one with egg/breadcrumb coating and one without. They were both good, but I enjoy it most with the egg/breadcrumb coating... the skin is not as crunchy as the one without, and it felt like real risoles and not a spring roll. My family loved it so much, they asked for more. Great for parties and get-togethers, be sure to triple the recipe. Thanks!!!

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diabella May 18, 2010

There is a Korean deli down the street that sells something very similar to this, and they are delicious! I just learned the term'risole' and didn't realize I'd ever had any, but the chef is right that it is only a matter of being in an egg roll shape. This recipe does coincide with the traditional risole recipes I've seen and the definition is accurate1 thanks!

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Rainbow - Chef 536866 February 09, 2010

What an exceptional dish. I used 2 lb of meat and three large potatoes and doubled everything else. My family loved these and next time I am planning on making a quadruple batch they were so popular. The only thing I did different was that I used Pam and did not deep fry these. These are quite a bit of work but so worth it. Thanks for the recipe.

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Cilantro in Canada April 24, 2009
Risoles (Indonesian Style of Rissole)