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This pasta is super good. The eggplant is the real star here. I wouldn't skip the goat cheese in it either, it makes this symphony sing. I used a third the oil and basil instead of parsley since we were out, and I definitely recommend it, it pairs really well. I roasted the eggplant halves 30 minutes. We added a little more sun dried tomato to our plates. I think you could probably double the pasta, the eggplant makes a lot of sauce!

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Maito March 20, 2011

This is really nice! I cut the pesto in half (so I would have less left over) and used almonds and fresh basil. I did not add any additional oil, just used what was in the jar of tomatoes (about 3 Tbsp). I roasted the eggplant for about 5 minutes over what was stated and used tri-color gigli pasta (little flowers). The only real change I made was to use a LOT more feta (a Greek goat/sheep milk blend) - maybe about 1/2 cup once I stopped adding :) This is lovely and I'm glad I made it even though my apartment is roasting now from having the oven on when it's 95F outside! :) Thanks for sharing!

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flower7 August 10, 2010

Spectacular success .. I chose this because I wanted to try my hand at pesto, well, what a pleasure, I'll totally be doing this again!! It LOOKS like a lot of work, but actually it comes together quickly and with very little effort.... The roasted vegetables were marvellous, they would have been nice tossed with the pasta just like that... the eggplant was divine, and I added three small zucchini as well, just because they were sitting in the fridge saying, eat me..... The pesto was so much easier to prepare than I anticipated and was absolutely wonderful tossed with the pasta and the roasted veg. I still have pesto (the recipe makes extra) in the fridge and I'm going to be making this a lot from now on, what a pleasure. if I'd had fresh basil, I would have torn some leaves and tossed them with the pasta, I'll do that next time. As it was, I sprinkled with fresh parmesan and ground pepper, perfect. I used tomato penne for the pasta. Thanks for an absolutely wonderful recipe :D

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Karen Elizabeth July 31, 2008
Rigatoni With Eggplant and Dried Tomato Pesto