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Being from the Chicago area, and having been to Chi Town numerous times, we have had deep dish pizza plenty of times, and this one ranks up there. I left out the salt and pepper, used the parmesan cheese, and the italian seasonings. I would recommend the italian seasonings on this. Very easy to prepare too, This does top one of the famous pizza eateries in Chicago by far, I won't mention who, because I do not know if I can, so with that being said, next month when I go to Chicago we will stop by one of the Chicago sports legends restaurant, and have a steak sandwich instead. Very easy, and very very good. Made for PRMR tag.

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weekend cooker March 14, 2013

I made this tonight for dinner. We loved it! I, too, am from the Chicago-land area. This is pretty close to restaurant quality pizza pies (and even better than some). I used ground Italian sausage in mine. The only thing I changed with this recipe is that I left the mushrooms out (I just don't like them). I look forward to making this again. (It's a lot cheaper than going out for one). Thanks for posting. (Made for Zaar Chef Alphabet Soup tag)

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rosie316 December 18, 2013

I liked this a lot! It truly tasted like a thin crust pizza to me. I made everything as directed (with optional ingredients), but didn't have quite enough pizza sauce so added maybe 1/4 cup marinara sauce to the mix. Your pic looks great....and a perfect slice of pizza pie. Mine was a little looser and didn't maintain the shape. :lol: Regardless of how mine looked - it tasted great. Thanks for sharing this nice keeper. Made for PRMR Tag.

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lazyme June 17, 2013

A complete change of pace for us, didn't know we were inculcated in NY Pizza until I tagged this recipe. This recipe made me think! This recipe is all about the SAUSAGE, so make sure you have mighty fine sausage. Chicago is the meat-packing capital of the world, so there you can probably find wonderful sausage almost anywhere. I used Johnsonville Sweet Italian, which is about the best sausage we get in the greater Baltimore area, UNLESS YOU MAKE THE SAUSAGE YOURSELF. This recipe almost requires that you make your own sausage. In the past year, I have been disappointed with most commercial sausage I have tried -- too much gristle! Not enough flavor! I found myself dreaming of Wild Boar sausage from DH's past hunting expeditions. The pie crust is not as odd as one might think. Chicago pizza dough DOES NOT CONTAIN CORNMEAL and it does rely heavily on CORN OIL; it is usually THICK, almost like a biscuit base, but tasting more like pastry pie crust in its flakiness. The thin pie crust allowed me to add all of the ingredients for this recipe, but my pie didn't firm up for a decent slice until 30 minutes after I removed it from the oven. I believe that a thicker crust would have sped up that process. As for pizza sauce, I made my own using Pressure Cooker 30 Minute Marinara Sauce reduced to pizza sauce thickness and jazzed up as I saw fit. It worked fine. Back to the NY pizza bias: normally I would ask for "extra sauce", but in this recipe, that would be ridiculous! In the end, I applaud your effort, you made me think outside my box. Next project: authentic Chicago pizza dough! Made for Rookie Recipe Tag.

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KateL January 06, 2014


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Andtototoo! March 29, 2013
Ridiculously Easy Chicago-Style Pizza Pie