Ricotta Smothered Mushroom "burgers"

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Total Time
15 mins
10 mins

This is a modified recipe from Rachel Ray's 365 No Repeats cookbooks. I modified it to have less fat and be somewhat healthier. A Yummy Portabella Burger with carmelized onions.

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  1. Marinate portabella caps in balsamic vinegar and 2 TBSP EVOO then bake in oven for 12 minutes on 450 degrees.
  2. Slice onions, cook over med high heat in remaining oil for a few minutes til turning gold. Season with salt and pepper. Add olives and chicken broth.
  3. Meanwhile, mix pesto with ricotta and spoon over portabella mushrooms, heat one more minute.
  4. Toast bread, layer portabella mushroom caps with pancetta, onions and top of bread or bun. Enjoy!