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After a decadent night of tortillas, bollitas, and chorizos, we were ready for a nice light way to wrap everything up. This was absolutely one of the best cheesecakes I've ever had. The light texture and taste was incredible. I can't wait to have it again tonight. I served it with a fresh blueberry sauce. Thanks again!

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s'kat January 05, 2003

Just OUTSTANDING.....!! I converted this recipe to gluten free cornflour and plain flour and it you could not tell the difference. Your tip on using unwaxed dental floss to cut the cheesecake worked perfectly. The texture of the cheescake is lighter than the philly cream cheese cheesecake. I will be using this recipe again.

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Chrissyo September 23, 2002

awesome cheesecake...very light...used neufchatel cheese instead of cream cheese, used skim milk ricotta and light sour cream to cut the calories a little. Also...baked in cupcake pan to have individual portions (portion control is big in this house) so it baked in less time than the hour and a half noted in the recipe. definitely a keeper!

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Brisket in Roses March 29, 2010

I made an orange version of this for my DH's birthday as he loves italian (ricotta) cheesecake vs the NY style. It turned out nice and tall and delicious. I subbed orange zest and fresh oj for the lemon juice. Also, I only had one cup of sour cream so I used half yogurt and half heavy cream for the 2nd cup of sour cream. If you like it really creamy and light, bake it closer to the time stated, if you like it a little drier texture that holds its shape better, then bake a little longer. Wonderful cheesecake with a subtle citrus flavor. Thanks for a yummy recipe!

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Loveblumes September 02, 2008

Thank you so much for an awesome recipe! Due to the fact several family members have to watch their sugar, i substitured equal amounts of Splenda for the sugar and it was PERFECT! Being from NY, this really brought me home. I didn't have a spring form pan, so i used 2 8" aluminum pans and made a crust out of 2 cups of Graham cracker crumbs and 1/2 cup of butter, i split the mixture between the two pans and then poured the filling evenly among them. I baked them in a water bath and the results were delicious! The ricotta cheese definately made this cake light and creamy. Thanks again!

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ItalianMomof2 September 24, 2007

First cheesecake I made and it was a huge hit. Made recipe exactly as is, just added a graham crust and did not need to torch the sides to get it out. Light and delicious.

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jbud January 03, 2009

My b-day is tomorrow and I wanted a special Cheesecake. I thought I try this recipe and well I had to try it before serving it tomorrow so I scooped a bit of the batter into a small Pyrex dish and baked it alongside the big cake for a bit. I just had this now. OMG what a wonderful Cheesecake . I made myself the best b-day present. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe you made my b-day extra special this year with this cake recipe. YUMMMMM!!!!! :0) Ri

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~Ri September 27, 2006

Awesome Recipe!!! I have been looking for a while to find a cheesecake recipe I like and now I've found it! This cheesecake has a nice flavor, not like some recipes that turn out just tasting like baked cream cheese (that is what my BF said about the cheesecake I made before I found this recipe lol!, he loved this one by the way.)The only thing I did differently was I made a graham cracker crust for it. I also didn't use a blowtorch to get it out of the springform, but I actually didn't need it anyway. It came right out without a problem. Thanks for sharing this one!!

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my3girlz February 13, 2006

Excellent cheesecake!! It has a very light texture which I prefer over a denser and heavier cheesecake. My family devoured it. Thanks for posting this wonderful recipe.

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CardaMom February 13, 2005

Another hit in my home. It is such a light cheesecake compared to the conventional types of cheesecake. It is a great one to serve after a heavier meal. In had never tried it before serving it as my Easter supper dessert. It was enjoyed by all, even the people who don't particularly like cheesecake. Thanks again for the terrific recipe.

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Justjan63 April 26, 2011
Ricotta Cheesecake