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Rita just wonderful! Very rich and chocolatey and yummy! My camera is not working right now or i would donate a photo for your collection! I did use coconut rum instead of grand marnier just for personal preferance. Wonderful!

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Jessica K September 06, 2005

In the instructions for making these heavenly truffles Rita wrote: 6. Nice for a gift giving. Yeah, right, like I'm going to be giving these away when I can start shoving them in my mouth I Love Lucy style. These were absolutely orgasmic! I've actually never had much success with truffles, they never seem to firm up enough to stay in ball shape, but I managed to get around it this time. Instead of adding the Grand Marnier, I used an orange liqueur flavored chocolate. The truffles were firm enough to roll, and kept their shape even a few hours after taking them out of the fridge. Maybe one day I'll make them as gifts, but in the meantime, mine, all mine!

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Mirj September 01, 2004
Rich Truffles With a Hint of Grand Marnier