Rich Dark Fruitcake 1970

READY IN: 4hrs 25mins
Recipe by andypandy

This looks long but is's the best tasting fruitcake I have ever had and made. It originally came from Edith Adam's Homemakers Magazine in 1970.

Top Review by Dotty2

I made this recipe a few days ago and already have a hard time not sampling although I did have to have a taste. It is already wonderful and if it now were needed could already be served. I look forward to using some brandy on it and letting it rest for a few weeks. The recipe is very easy to follow(great instruction) and just all in all "perfect". I made 5 pans 4' by8'' and one pan sightly larger and baked the smaller ones for 2 hours and larger cake 21/2 hours . I was able to fit all the pans in the oven at one time. I used parchment paper which (doubled) I lightly sprayed with Pam and it worked perfect. can't wait to get this cake out of "storage". So happy I found this recipe andypandy.

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  1. Baking times and pan sizes-- 4 x 4 pan takes 1 1/2 hours 6 x 6 pan takes 3 hours 8 x 8 pan takes 4 1/2 hours Preheat oven 275 degrees F.
  2. Line cake pan set plus one extra with three layers brown greased paper.
  3. Grease sides next to the batter.
  4. Place a small dish of water in bottom of oven for steam and moisture.
  5. Test by touching finger in centre of cake, if no dent press harder.
  6. Cake should be firm to touch or slightly springy.
  7. Method: Prepare almonds, soak overnight in the orange juice.
  8. Prepare fruit, and soak overnight in the grape juice, sprinkle a little flour over the fruit.
  9. Next Day-- cream butter at room temperature but not too soft.
  10. Add white sugar gradually creaming until no grains are felt between fingertips.
  11. Beat in the beaten egg yolks.
  12. Blend well.
  14. Stir in the grape jelly and the melted cooled chocolate.
  15. Blend in the flour, and baking powder.
  16. Add the fruits in small amounts at a time, mixing well.
  17. Add almonds, and pecans.
  18. Fold in lastly the stiff beaten egg whites-- Pour into prepared pans and bake.

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