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Although I provided the recipe (well, actually you did that!) & the kitchen expertise (more or less!), & did get a friend of mine (who has a great ice cream maker & loves making the stuff) to process the whole thing, & she did a great job! Absolutely loved this sorbet, & it's definitely something for a dedicated chocoholic! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe! [Tagged & made in Please Review My Recipe]

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Sydney Mike October 12, 2011

Very good! For dark chocolate lovers only. I had some expensive molasses sugar in my cupboard just waiting to be used and I used good quality bittersweet chocolate wafers. I did have a problem in that I turned my back for a few seconds while bringing it to a boil and the next thing I knew it had exploded and boiled over...kinda weird the pot was way taller than the liquid...I didn't want to waste the expensive ingredients so still proceeded. My chocolate wafers didn't completely melt but I decided that was fine for a little texture. I used my ice cream maker and it didn't quite work either as half of the mixture froze solid to the sides and the rest was soft frozen stuck on the paddle...So I had to scrape off the frozen part and stir it into the soft part. Anyways all in all this did end up with a good texture and it tastes like you just turned dark chocolate into sorbet. Freddy Cat says hi! Made for the Please Review tag game.

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Engrossed November 05, 2010

We made this exactly as directed, using dark brown sugar for the molasses sugar (which we looked up as the best substitution). We also did not have an ice cream maker, so we used the freezer method, timing it exactly as directed. We took it from the freezer to soften, but after about 10 minutes, it started to melt quickly into liquid form. This would probably turn out much better with an ice cream maker. The flavor is nice, but perhaps over ice cream rather than alone. Sorry Noo, while so many of your recipes are spectacular, this one only slightly appealed to our palates.

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2Bleu December 08, 2008

Very simple, and very delicious. I used treacle sugar (I think it's the same as molasses sugar). I also doubled the recipe (fits nicely into a 1.5l tub). I also added two shots of Kahlua (next time I'll try frangelico, and add more). The texture is very good, I used an electric hand whisk to stir the sorbet, so it was very smooth.

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fastesthamster November 15, 2008
Rich Dark Chocolate Sorbet