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These are incredible! I used this recipe to make my first ever batch of brownies from scratch (no more boxes for me!) and they were FANTASTIC. I LOVE using the applesauce (no sugar added kind). They came out moist and choclatey and actually got better the next day and the day after. They seemed to get moister and moister. This is my goto brownie from now on.

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ElectroGirl July 30, 2010

Ummm WOW. I'm really fascinated with low fat brownie recipes now because the texture completely changes overnight. At first these had the slight texture of a spongecake (which was still actually really intriguing and tasty) but the next day, they had developed this great, classic fudgy/moist texture of a regular brownie. Delicious! I cut the sugar down to around 1 1/2 cups, and kept everything else the same, and they're just wonderful! This could actually be my favourite brownie recipe now, which says a lot since I've already had a favourite recipe for quite some time. But this one is just so rich and chocolatey, AND healthier. Thanks!!

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yamakarasu January 22, 2011

This is a good brownie considering it is low fat. However, I could detect a subtle taste of the applesauce which was off-putting. I also decreased the amount of sugar to 1 1/2 cups . I would make this recipe again, but as another reviewer suggested, I will try adding some mini-chocolate chips to enhance the chocolate flavor of a brownie.

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Bobettern July 03, 2016

I made minor changes to this recipe. I decreased the sugar to 1 cup, and added 1/4 c of mini chocolate chips. Put the brownies in a square pan for 28 mins. They were delicious!! My kids are hard to please, but they came back for a second one...this recipe is a keeper.

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Jenn841 August 02, 2013

This is a better low fat brownie receipe than Fudgy Low-Fat Brownies. Note: The ingredients are not in order per directions.

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cuppycakes May 14, 2013

These brownies are SOOOOOO GOOD!!! I followed the recipe almost exactly, but cut down the sugar to 1 1/2 cups as another reviewer did. I love this low fat version, and it doesn't taste low fat at all! They also are chewy (my fav part about brownies). I just made these tonight and per other reviewers, they taste even better the next day... so I look forward to that. I may try making these a tad healthier next time and see how they turn out (white whole wheat flour instead and no sugar added applesauce).

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sberzon23 July 07, 2012

This unfortunately, is possibly the worst recipe I have ever tried. I love brownies, and I really wanted these to satisfy that deep craving. I followed it step by step, with the addition of chopped walnuts and although they look absolutely beautiful, the taste was horrid. Total waste of ingredients!

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othervoice March 12, 2011

Absolutely my favorite brownie recipe ever. I'm a faithful follower of the box, but to be honest these are so much healthier and just as easy! In addition to the cocoa I added cocoa for hot chocolate and slightly less sugar- slightly. Also sugar-free apple sause and added a little additional of that because of the extra cocoa. Thank you so much!! Will make these again and again and again!!

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cakesgirl September 16, 2010

To be fair, this was my first time making anything but full fat and heavy calorie laden brownies so I must admit, the comparison to my taste buds isn't really fair to what I'm sure is a very nice and healthy recipe. I reduced the sugar to 1 1/2 cups as some of the other posts had suggested but I couldn't get through the applesauce taste. Since the recipe didn't specify I used reduced calorie applesauce, but it did still have some sugar in it and I think I would have liked it better with no sugar applesauce. My DH and DS liked it fine... so I'll give it 4 stars. I'll keep trying.

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Krista Roes April 11, 2010
Rich and Chewy Low Fat Brownies