Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 15 mins

Yummy quick fix dinner! Cook time is for rice.

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  1. Toss rice with oil, feta, dill, and pepper to taste.
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Whoa! The dill really stands out but in a good way. This is too easy to make as a side dish, and if you want to make a meal of it all you need to do is add a couple ingredients. Perhaps some prawns, green peas and a red sweet pepper? Thanks for a filling, cheap and tasty dish!

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This was so easy to fix! It is a great one to keep around for when you want something but are in a hurry! I had it with my lunch today and enjoyed it. I did add a little more olive oil to it, as well as a tiny bit of lemon juice to help bring out the flavors just a bit more (I did taste it first). Thanks for a nice recipe, Diggy!

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I like this recipe. It's so nice and easy! It's also so versatile. I don't like dill, so I used oregano and that was good. Thanks for the recipe!