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So I have seen chayote in the grocery stores for a while now, and have wondered how to cook it, what it tastes like, etc. etc. etc. I was so excited when I saw this recipe, because I could finally begin to answer those questions! The chayote is very mild in flavor, and the whole dish was a nice accompaniment to Dump Pepper Lime Chicken. This dish is extremely easy to make, and will be made again at this house! :) Thank you for posting, made for ZWT4.

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CraftScout June 22, 2008

This recipe was simple yet delicious! I did spice my rice with guajillo chile powder and a little cumin, but that was the only tweaking I did. My family loved it, even my picky eater. I served it with Dump Pepper Lime Chicken and they paired together well. I will definitely put this into my menu rotation. Yummy!

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Darlavea July 09, 2014

This dish had a lovely flavour, but was very mild. For a little extra kick, I added a sprinkle of creole seasoning & I think this made all the difference. Served with Spicy Skillet Pork Chops for a great dinner. Thanks Mary for sharing. Made for ZWT4

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Heydarl July 07, 2008

Very good and lovely appearance. I am unable to buy chayote in northern Wisconsin so substituted with summer squash. I did add Italian seasoning and lots of pepper. I also used leftover rice. (Just love incorporating leftovers into a meal.) This would be wonderful with fresh herbs like basil. I had this with Broccoli Dijon, Italian Parmesan Bread for Bread Machine, and Grilled Ham Steak for a great meal. Thanks for sharing a keeper! Made for ZWT4 for the Flying Dutchess’.

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WiGal July 06, 2008

This was my first time with chayote so I wasn't sure what to expect! But not to worry ~ Mary came through with another wonderful recipe! I did use 2 LARGE cloves of garlic & then substituted some lemon pepper for the S&P & had a very tasty vegetarian dish! Thanks for sharing the recipe! [Made & reviewed while touring South & Central America on the Zaar World Tour 4]

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Sydney Mike June 26, 2008

A light dish, with a nice appearance. There's not a lot of seasoning, so it is important to use quality ingredients. I had not ever fried chayote, so that was a new preparation for me. It does seem to be important to keep the chunks at 1/2 or the center takes a while to soften. I used a little less oil than called for, and drained the chayote after frying. I used only half the recipe amount of rice. (The larger proportion of rice is probably more typical for Guatemala, but northern tastes may expect a little more "goody" in their meal.) I also added a small handful of fresh corn kernels.

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realbirdlady June 10, 2008

I love chayote, and it shines in this recipe. Delicous rice dish. I'll make it again. Thanks for posting. Made for ZWT4.

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PanNan June 09, 2008
Rice With Chayote (Fritanga)