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Galley Wench, I too had a boil over too changed pots no problem. This is very good quite rich rice pudding; and it is time consuming. I'm planning on serving the rice pudding with whipping creme I expect it will be very good ice cold that is the way we enjoy our rice pudding. I used very good vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks. Next time I think I will not cook down the milk down as much I liked the way it looked and tasted better in the beginning before cooking down to 2 2/3 cups of milk product. I also think I will use a slow cooker on low heat until the milk product comes to a simmer then put it on warm with the lid off to help it reduce without a boil over which scalds the milk and start early in the morning I think it will be ready to use around 2:00 or 3:00 PM in the afternoon and next time I will not cook my rice again only the first time using the lemons. The rice pudding goes into the refrigerator right now and will be all gone in a couple of days at coffee time with our neighbours thank you, for posting!

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oilpatchjo February 15, 2011

Cheers to a fellow Queen! This makes a delicious Rice Pudding, and quite a bit of it (which is a very good thing). It takes a bit of cooking time and I had a boil over too, but it was worth it for the wonderful results. Made for ZWT #6.

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CaliforniaJan June 07, 2010

This was my first stab at making rice pudding and I was very pleased with the results. It took me about an hour and a half to boil down the milk mixture and at one point I wasn't paying attention to the mixture and had a boil over, but other than that it went well. I added some chopped walnuts. I also used 1 teaspoon of good quality vanilla extract and the next time I make this I will either double that or use vanilla beans like the recipe calls for. Thanks so much for the recipe! I reviewed this for ZWT5.

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Queen Dana May 20, 2009

I'm not really a raisin lover, but I do love rice pudding and they taste excellent in this! I used real vanilla in place of the beans. It worked great. I don't think I would use the cheap stuff though, as it really has an impact on the flavor in this dessert. I dolloped some whipped cream on top and both my DH and I had this wonderful dessert! I don't think it will make 8 servings for us :) More like 4. Thank you for sharing!

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JustMeMelMel August 29, 2008
Rice Pudding With Raisins and Cinnamon (Arroz Con Leche)