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I liked the idea of chai spiced rice pudding, but I envisioned something much creamier than the end result. As you can see in my picture, it is on the sticky side, not creamy at all. I did follow the directions and I stirred frequently over low heat. Since I do like the concept, I will try to make chai rice pudding again, but with a different technique - less rice, more milk and slow cooked in the oven perhaps. Also, I would opt for different spices than this recipe suggests, the chai I enjoy has cardamom, cinnamon and cloves – and I would like to see them cooked in the milk, rather than folded into the end result. Steeping a tea bag in the milk for a moment might impart a more authentic flavor as well. Lastly, I think that a hint of crystallized ginger would be preferable as a garnish. It just added to the sticky consistency. All that aside, it’s not a bad dessert, just not what was expected, based on the intro that said it was “creamy.”

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justcallmejulie February 21, 2005
Rice Pudding With Chai Spices