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Having read the previous review I made this in a double boiler and cooked it very slowly for 2 hours and it was perfect, very creamy. Made it again at work and added some rose water at the last minute and it was a great hit with all the customers and the staff - will be making again a lot. Thanks Boomette

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lindseylcw January 09, 2009

Oh my Boomette what a nice recipe. I love rice pudding and using aboria rice and adding the cardomom made such a nice differance. I followed the directions exactly and the rice was nice and soft and the final product creamy with just a hint of the cardomon and cinnmon. Lovely, I did serve with a topping of fresh whipped cream instead of honey and it was perfect for me. DH said he'd like a little more sugar and cinnamon which surprised me as he doesn't usually want sweet things. But for me it was perfect.

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Bonnie G #2 November 30, 2011

The taste is good but it was not cooked enough at 30 minutes and I needed to add more rice milk which I used to be dairy free to help it cook more. I have used rice milk many times in rice puddings so that is not the reason. I used Basmati rice instead of Arborio and a local cream honey which I melted and drizzled on top. I chopped the pistachios. Made for Everyday's a Holiday 2010.

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UmmBinat February 03, 2010

This was really delicious! I had a craving for some rice pudding and this hit the spot! I guess its kinda silly because it is rice pudding with cardamon but I actually left it out as I didnt have any but upped the cinnamon a tad. Very good! :)

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dizzydi January 21, 2009

The cardamom taste was great... no problems there. Where I did have difficulty was that I couldn't seem to get the rice evenly cooked.. some grains were still gritty and not cooked though enough, whilst the rest was starting to stick and burn on the bottom of the pot. For me this needs some refining to solve that problem becuase even though the heat was very low and I added more milk to save it, it still had a little too much crunch in the end. I added honey on the top, but didn't have any pistacho nuts to hand so skipped those. Please see my Rating System: 3 stars for a recipe that I was delighted to have tried, but which needs some working on to get the perfect smooth and creamy texture I'm looking for. Thanks!

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kiwidutch January 08, 2009
Rice Pudding With Cardamom