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GREAT RECIPE! Now, what I got frustrated with was the stirring. I kept on stirring that thing for 1 hour (I'm not exaggerating) over low heat and it was still not thickening. So what I did was I brought it to high heat and let it boil a little, then started stirring again, and THEN it thickened! I forgot to put the salt and I didn't put the lime peel. I also put only 3/4 cup of sugar and the sugar level is good. It tastes great!!! If anyone is having the same stirring problem, I think the solution is just to bring up the heat and let it boil a little, then stir. I guess the stirring over low heat is just to make sure the rice is not hard (?). Thanks for posting this one up! This is the recipe I'll use whenever I want to make some more Arroz Con Leche! :)

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garciaJNC July 09, 2009

I made a double batch of this recipe, and cooked it in my slow cooker. Well lets just say it filled a 6quart slow cooker. Yeah I know a lot of rice, an as soon as my 4 boys tasted it there was none left. this recipe is a deffinate keeper. Yummy!!!

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madriz13 October 28, 2009

i used evaporated milk with regular milk, it didn't seem to take too long to thicken. i also used lime peel and 1 cinnamon stick. it tasted just like the arroz con leche u get in the market frozen, the ones that come in individual cups. i liked this recipe, not too complicated. i'm quite lazy. i also omitted the raisins, not a fan.

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suppaduppa September 17, 2011

This recipe is awesome! My stepson told me at 9:30pm one evening that he needing pudding for school the next day. I looked at him and said we have no pudding in the house and there is not time to go to the store. Plus, I noticed he would get extra credit if he made it himself. So, I stumbled upon this recipe. He got up at 5:30am and he made it himself. It turned out great! I don't like raisins and we didn't have lime so both were omitted. 2% milk was used and he added a little more sugar since he did not have raisins to add. The students all loved it and his Spanish teacher was impressed! I highly recommend this recipe, stirring and all.

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Anonymous April 22, 2015

Incredible recipe! So easy to make and so tasty! I cooked this while I was cooking dinner and it was ready in time for desert. I chose not to use the lime and used medium grain rice and it was still just as good! I was very happy with this recipe and did not have any trouble. A must try!

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Kimberly R. April 02, 2014

This was absolutely wonderful! So much so, that I had people from my Church who are from the Hispanic community asking for my recipe! Took a long time to get it to boiling, but then, I increased the ingredients to make 30 servings... if you do this, make sure you have a stirring partner! :)

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sjbst105 November 28, 2012

This recipe is very easy and delicious & it reminds me of my grandmother!

When I made it, I used 4 strips of orange zest instead of lime and it was amazing. Also, I like it a little soupy but my husband doesn't, so for him, I placed some in a casserole, set it in a warm oven (after I made dinner) and left it for about 40 minutes. It was way to "cheesy" looking to me, but he loved it! It looked more like a bread pudding texture. I serve this with homemade Apple Pie Schnapps, both warm, to guests and no body talked until they were finished!! Great combo! PS there is a schnapps recipe on this website, easier than the rice pudding!!!!

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Mrs bossi April 20, 2012

There was way too much cinnamon to me. I thought the base was delicious though. in order to counteract the taste of the cinnamon I added lime juice and it was amazing

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ambralindblom May 05, 2011

This didn't quite taste authentic to me. There was a lot of cinnamon and it took far too long to cook. I will most likely be using a modified version of this recipe for ny daughter's third birthday (huge in Mexican culture) but it just doesn't taste right. It's still good, however. I'll have my husband tast it when he gets home from work to see what needs to be changed.

Also, a lot of Hispanics eat this dish warm and some leave it runny and serve it as a warm drink with or without chocolate added to it, like a chunky hot chocolate.

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PinkRhythm May 01, 2011

Taste just like my mothers, everyone in my familiy was impressed with it, will deffently use it again

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aoli01 April 07, 2011
Rice Pudding -- Mexican Style, Arroz Con Leche