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I suspect Andypandy and I have similar rice cookers seeing as this second rice cooker recipe was as successful as the first! Didn't add the nutmeg and passed the cinnamon - family tastes differ on nutmeg and vary as to amounts when it comes to cinnamon. The lemon zest imparts a hint of lemon which I found I really liked. Used the 3/4 cup measure as suggested. In my cooker I do think using a regular measuring cup for the rice with the two cups of water in the original recipe would have been too dry. This made for a lovely creamy pudding. Made for a wonderful after school treat for a couple of hungry boys and a very nice treat for us. Keep those rice cooker recipes coming! I thank you and the teenager who has already requested reruns thanks you . EDITED to add to my March 4 2008 review - we love this pudding - on several occasions didn't happen to have evaporated milk on hand, found subbing the evaporated milk with coconut milk or half and half worked equally well. Using short grain rice makes this a real winner each and every time.

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Gerry April 23, 2009

Loved this recipe...I used a couple of spoons of organge marmalade instead of the lemon...it was awesome!

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rbomar July 12, 2009

My first recipe use of my new rice cooker and my first from RecipeZaar, and pleased with both! Didn't have any coconut milk OR evaporated milk, so used the 1% I had in the frig to sub for both. Was worried it would not thicken properly so added a beaten egg when cooking at the end. It was delicious. I'll try it sometime with the coconut milk, it probably adds a nice flavor, but we didn't miss it and will not hesitate to make it with these substitutions again. Thanks.

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GmG.wisc February 03, 2009

I found this to be way too sweet. It also leaves you with 1/2 cans of three products not used regularly. The lemon is a great idea I will use in other rice pudding recipes.

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decorumtim November 10, 2008

This was very tasty and oh so simple...a busy mom's dream recipe. It is also a perfect home schoolers breakfast dish. Put the rice on, get the kids started on their school work, combine the milks and go back to teaching, wait for the chime, stir rice and milk together put the lid on, set a timer and go back to teaching. When timer goes off put first lesson away, enjoy yummy rice pudding for breakfast. When finished begin subject number 2. We will be doing this dish often because it fits into our schedule so well. NOTE: I did not do the 15 minute cooling time. My rice cooker is a dinosaur and will only work on warm once it has completed a full cooking cycle. The recipe turned out just fine though. Thanks for posting it!

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Chef Buggsy Mate April 15, 2008

Rice pudding is a favorite at our house and seeing this recipe I had to make it. So very easy to make and great flavor. Next time I may add raisins but other than that I certainly would make no changes. Thanks andypandy for this great recipe.

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Dotty2 March 25, 2008

Huge hit! I live in the Philippines and American style pudding is unknown. Because I was unprepared, the recipe was adjusted based on the items in my kitchen - powdered milk for the evap and the coconut milk; apple pie spice for the cinnamon stick and the nutmeg; omitted the zest; added raisins. Wonderful flavor and texture. I will definitely use this recipe. <br/><br/>Note: British puddings are common here.

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SD8400ph December 25, 2013

From what I see on the other reviews-this is a very forgiving recipe. In the store after work I forgot to pick up the sweetened condensed milk. I just added half &half with about 3tbsp of sugar. It still turned out fine. Next time I think I will check it after about 20 min. so it will be a bit more saucy.

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Babyruffy November 08, 2012

My first recipe for my my first rice cooker. I don't like coconut therefore I used water with evaporated milk (2:1). The lemon zest gave it such a great taste!

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tomekson December 27, 2011
Rice Pudding in a Rice Cooker