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This is the rice pudding recipe I've been using for years, which I found in a British cookbook. It's my favorite, and when I make it, it always brings back memories of England! I enjoy eating it with a blob of strawberry jam on top, which I swirl into the rice pudding. Mmmmmmmm!
NOTE: The temperature equivalent in step 3 is 300F. I let mine bake for 3 hours, and skimmed the skin off the top when the rice pudding came out of the oven. (Sometimes I skim it off, sometimes I mix it in!) I recommend making double, as one batch doesn't go very far. (I used a 2L baking dish for the double batch.)

Also, to address brini-nmcl's concerns, the amount of rice listed in the ingredients is not a misprint. I often make rice pudding using this recipe, and always use the amount listed here. (except that I double the entire recipe!) It always comes out perfect!

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truebrit February 02, 2013

I think there is a misprint of the rice measurement.... but the rest sound ok.... but definetely not 3 tbsp of rice....

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brini 1314 November 19, 2010
Rice Pudding