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This little turkey is so cool. My kids had fun making them. We only used strawberry Twizzlers for the tail. I love how they look. I think next time we make them, I will use the mixed vanilla and chocolate Rice Krispies for some color variance. Made and Reviewed for Zaar Chef ABC Soup Tag - Thanks! :)

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LilPinkieJ December 04, 2008

super duper cute! did these with my 3 year old. so the difficulty was increased a bit. we didnt have mini marshmellows so i just cut the large ones in 4. that worked well too because they just stuck to the body without chocolate. i didnt need all the chocolate either, 1/2 cup would have been fine. the tip to use the cooking spray on my hands to create the bodies was amazing! definitely a trick to keep!

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Mullingal November 24, 2009
Rice Krispie Turkey