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I was excited to try these with my kids today. Unfortunately the rice krispies fall apart when clumped into balls. We waited 10 minutes and they still didn't hold together. We ended up mashing them into a 9x13 dish and will just have orange squares of rice krispies.

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ShaGun October 01, 2010

After reading the problems from the others, I added another T. of butter and a few more marshmallows (total of 60 large) and they worked fine. My students enjoyed them!

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angie.bush November 25, 2014

I agree with the others - I tried to help my daughter make these for school treats and was very dissappointed when they would not hold their shape. We too put them in a sheet cake pan, let them sit overnight, then used cookie cutters to cut out pumpkin shapes. If anyone out there knows the secret of success, we'd love the help.

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Gloria R. November 06, 2012

I must have done something wrong because my "balls" were sticking together. I even waited a few minutes and tried rolling them and it just wasnt happening. I ended up spreading the krispie mixture on a extra large cookie sheet, let them set over night and then used pumpkin and ghost shaped cookie cutters to cut them out. So it worked out great in the end! I put each treat in a Halloween baggie and tied them with colorful strings. I took them to my 2 yr old's daycare class for the Halloween party. Thanks for sharing! =) (PS...can I have your secret on how you made the balls stick together? I would love to do these again next year.)

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mommi2juju October 29, 2010
Rice Krispie Pumpkin Treats