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Thank you so much for posting this recipe! I have one from the 80's back from when I was in high school and worked at a small town restaurant. I haven't made them cuz I couldn't find the recipe till recently. It was DOUBLE this recipe so I was trying to half it. I found your recipe and it is the measurements for half of my recipe and the same except that mine called for SHORTENING/CRISCO instead of butter. I used the shortening but I think if I used the butter they would be less bulky looking? Anyway, they tasted JUST like I remembered! : ) Made them with my 3 year old son and he loved them too! Thank you for helping to make sure these cookies live on for future generations! : ) Going try and post a photo. I think they should be flatter if I remember right?

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mcme1999 March 27, 2014
Rice Krispie Cookies