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Great tasting sweet pastry without the wheat. I added a pinch or two of xanthan gum so it wouldn't be crumbly but hold together. Fed tarts using this pastry to my family and no-one could tell it was wheat free pastry. Thanks for the recipe!

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rachelcreative March 18, 2011

This was an easy dough to make. I made this as the base for an apple tart (Ontario Northern Spy apples) and it came out quite nicely, considering I'm really not a practiced pastry chef. I added a couple of spoons of potato starch, a pinch of guar gum and a little powdered ginger into the mix. You really need to use the full amount of shortening. I believe it would be desirable to get a crust that is similar to shortbread, which is the texture and flavour I got, yet not too friable. After pre-baking as above, I baked the tart filled for 45 minutes at 375. The apples (sprinkled with cinnamon and custard powder) were fabulous, and the dough held together just fine.

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Scoopers October 30, 2011

The good side of this recipe: it is gluten free, tastes good, and is very easy to prepare. The down side: It crumbles to ashes the moment it is touched...and it is very "dry" in the mouth... it sort of coats the mouth like peanut butter does... The taste is very nice, but Im not sure I would try making a pie crust out of this for guests, simply because I would fear that it would crumble to pieces. I think it would be a nice crust for a milk pie, or maybe a coconut cream pie. The flavor wont match with everything, but could definitely be a great asset to those who cannot eat gluten. I will try this recipe again, for sure. Thanks Derf.

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love4culinary July 19, 2005
Rice Flour Pastry