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I used this and Gluten Free Streusel Topping to make Gluten Free Muffins. I also added some apples, cinnamon, and pecans to the muffin mix. They were delicious. Moist and tender, but I used paper cupcake cups and they stuck something fierce. Next time I'll just grease the pan well.

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Az B March 14, 2009

I followed **Jubes** lead and made the gluten free muffins with the streusel topping out of this mix. We found it to be a little dry, but it could be because I didn't want to make a huge batch of it before we'd made sure we liked it. Next time I won't hesitate, but it was difficult to cut down.

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JESMom August 11, 2008

*Reviewed for Pick-A-Chef Fall 07* Very quick to put together and so handy to have in the pantry. Really makes a muffin in a hurry- used in "Gluten Free Muffins" with "Gluten Free Streusel Topping". So much cheaper than pre-packaged gluten-free muffin mixes. I would leave out the gelatin next time though, as I dont feel it was a necessary addition with the xanthan gum. Thanks for sahring a great recipe and one that I will use again.Photo also being posted

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**Jubes** September 12, 2007
Rice Flour Muffin Mix