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I love the caution about how messy this is; it's actually not so bad -- some additional tips: stand in the tub or shower or apply it just before you clean the bathroom! Lol! I think this worked quite well and uses ingredients you probably already have in the home, although I had to buy Borax. I also only used a little at first at the top of my scalp -- my bangs area -- just to make sure I don't get a reaction as I tend to be sensitive to a lot of products. I went in search of a dry shampoo after seeing a Dr. Oz episode recommending a dry shampoo over wet-washing your hair as that is very drying to the scalp. I will keep trying this. Thanks, Charishma_Ramchan! Made for Bargain Basement tag game.

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mersaydees February 12, 2012

I have a crazy schedule and just can't always wash my hair. This worked great -- my hair looked clean and fluffy and didn't have the usual static electricity you get from baby powder dry shampoo. But it leaves a little bit of grit on the scalp, unlike baby powder.

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fluffernutter February 07, 2005

:o) Remind me to come to Zaar in the future. This is much the same as what's in the aerosol can I've just bought (minus fragrances) but I find loose powder so much easier to work with than an aerosol, particularly on my very thick hair. (I'm not leaving any stars because I haven't actually made this recipe)

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hels December 21, 2005
Rice Flour Dry Shampoo