Rice Flour Chicken (Crisp and Crunchy Batter)

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 30 mins

I got this recipe while watching my Malaysian roommate cook years ago. Personally I like it best with smaller bits of chicken, great for taking to pot-luck dinners or picnics :) I didn't count the marinading time in the preparation time. Makes far more/less pieces depending on size of pieces used. NOTE: I forgot to make it clear in my instruction that this works best with either small chunks of chicken fillet or chicken wings, and suits pieces that will cook quickly above those that require a longer cooking time, I hope that this clarification helps :)

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  1. Make the soy sauce, honey, spice powder, garlic, onion and sesame oil into a marinade mixture.
  2. Add the chicken pieces for at least 2 hours, but even better, overnight.
  3. Mix batter ingredients with enough water to form a*thick* batter.
  4. If not crunchy when fried add slightly more baking powder.
  5. Dip marinaded chicken into batter and deep fry until cooked and golden brown.
Most Helpful

I thought that this was good. I personally don't like sweet meat, so I will probably half the honey next time. I like the batter and want to try it with other things like shrimp or fish.

Andtototoo! March 09, 2008

This was really good. Loved the marinade. Even though the batter was a little different than what I've made before(turned out frothy), the crust was really nice and crunchy. I used boneless/skinless chicken breasts and made bite sized cubes. Cooked up great. I served chinese plum sauce and spicy chinese mustard as for dipping sauces.These make great little appetizers. I think the batter would make really good fish batter, too. Thanks, Kiwi, for an easy and delicious recipe. I'll definatly make this again and recommend this. LeeAnn

L. Duch December 31, 2006