Rice Cooker Mac and Cheese

Total Time
10 mins
20 mins

I just got a Wolfgang Puck rice cooker from HSN and it came with a recipe book. I was surprised by the things that can be made besides rice. This is easier than opening a box of Kraft mac and cheese and sooooooooo much better too.

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  1. Combine macaroni, broth and cream in Rice Cooker, press cook and stir occasionally.
  2. When machine switches to keep warm, add remaining ingredients and stir thoroughly until all cheese is melted.
  3. Press Cook again. The Rice Cooker will switch to keep warm after just a few minutes; this is the point where the cheese on the bottom turns that delicious brown. Serve.
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This was very good and easy to boot! The only problem that I had was that I had to add extra liquid while the macaroni was cooking....I suspect that my inexpensive rice cooker runs hot, though, so others may not have that problem. I also used 2% evaporated milk instead of the heavy cream, just because we try to make an effort to watch our fat intake and the cheese made it rich enough! A good, convenient recipe that was fun to try! Thanks, PA Cindy!

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I didn't have everything thing recipe called for and what I had I didn't have enough of. I used equal parts water, cheese, and pasta, then a half part of milk, and salt, pepper, and tabasco sauce for flavor. It was awesome and I only had one thing to clean when it was over. Plus I love making a personal size so there are no leftovers.

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Made this for the PARTY event. I used 2 tsp Chicken Base mixed with 1 1/2 cup of hot water instead of the broth, and because of this did NOT add any salt. Since I have been on a hunt for a really good Mac and Cheese my DGS would flip over, I have determined this is the easiest and BEST Mac and Cheese I have made. Thank You for posting this recipe.