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I used this recipe to inaugurate my 5 cup rice cooker. Cooking time was 40 minutes. Five stars (*****) to this recipe for ease of preparation. I added the optional mushrooms, used kielbasa not shrimp, red bell pepper instead of green, and precooked the veggies and kielbasa in butter with fresh ground pepper. I drained my diced tomatoes to prevent mushiness, and scaled back the amount of rice so that it would fit in my cooker. I used 1 cup of Basmati long grain white rice, and one can of chicken broth. Before adding the broth I mixed in a healthy squirt (5 seconds long from the big bottle) of Sri Racha hot sauce because I don't have cayenne pepper, and I use Sri Racha on everything. I used the recipe's given amounts of veggies and kielbasa, and it fit perfectly in my cooker. I rated this recipe four stars because I felt it was missing a little bit of flavor. I have never made Jambalaya before. Next time I make it (in my rice cooker!) I will investigate and add more seasonings to it. The kielbasa was the most prominent flavor in the dish, which is okay, but the rice component was a tad bland. Could have used more Sri Racha too. >:-) Otherwise, the dish was fantastic. The rice cooked perfectly, and there was only a small layer at the bottom of the cooker that turned a little brown. I mixed it into the rest of the dish and it tastes just fine. Very good vegetable to rice ratio (I like it high) in my modified recipe for a balanced one-pot meal. I had enough for three generously portioned meals. Substitutions: Sri Racha for cayenne pepper Red bell pepper for green bell pepper Modifications: Less rice Less chicken broth Drained tomatoes Next time: Add more seasonings

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spaceoops January 09, 2009

We all loved this tasty dish which was easy once you got all the tidbits into the rice cooker. I especially liked the fact that I didn't have to "babysit" it once the rice was added. Made for PAC 2007. Thanks for posting this strawberrybird. (: Photo to come.

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A Good Thing September 23, 2007

Very easy to make, I liked it, but the rest of the family really didn't care for it. The texture of the rice was somewhat mushy. Perhaps my rice cooker or the type of rice I used

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jane49423 August 17, 2007

Very good, and very easy to prepare.

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vaedee November 25, 2006

Doubled the recipe in my 10 cup rice cooker so I would have leftovers - couldn't have fit any more - it cooked to about an inch from the top. This was my first attempt at cooking more than just plain rice in the cooker and it worked out very well. I used chorizo instead of kielbasa, and red pepper instead of green, and somewhere between 1/2 - 1 tsp of cayenne. It was not very hot, just flavourful, with the heat coming primarily from the chorizo. Looking forward to leftovers for lunch! Thanks for the great recipe, strawberrybird.

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fluffystew September 01, 2014

I picked up a six cup Aroma rice cooker from T*** today ($18.00) and used this recipe to break it in. I deviated just a little by using the pre-diced pepper & onion containers instead of cutting them myself. I also used the original Rotel brand diced tomatoes. My little cooker was filled to the top so I ended up setting it on a plate to catch a little spill over. This made enough for two people to enjoy multiple servings and even a full bowl leftover.
I loved the texture and flavor of the dish. My spouse had multiple bowls and raved about it! This sold me on rice cookers and this recipe!
I%u2019ll make this again soon and will probably try the shrimp version in the future!

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Corgi2012 February 19, 2012

I give this 3 1/2 stars. This took 40 minutes in my Aroma rice cooker. I opted for half the stated cayenne and added a little black pepper. (less spicy for the kids) Tasted it before I turned the cooker on and felt it needed some additional spices for more depth and went with 1 teaspoon thyme, 1/2 teaspoon cumin, pinch of allspice, and a bay leaf. Sauteed the meat with the veggies (plus some celery) before adding. Rice turned out a little mushy but could be a good trade if you don't want to watch a pot on the stove. I feel I need to experiment a bit more with this.

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Kitchen Witch Steph November 21, 2011
Rice Cooker Jambalaya